At one-time wedding ceremonies were very traditional. In modern-day times this has changed this significantly.

The Legalities

Once the couple has decided that they want to marry, being as this is an official act, some segments of the ceremonies must be performed. In Australia, for example, the couple must be wed by an official that is licensed to perform marriages.

The Ceremony

Aside from the taking of the vows, the ceremony can vary greatly. In recent times it has been difficult for couples to get married in Australia and other parts of the world due to a pandemic. However, many of these couples have become innovative and have had virtual weddings as there have been restrictions for crowd gathering.

Types of Ceremonies

One of the advantages that many couples have is the option to have different types of ceremonies when it comes to their wedding. These are comprised of:

  • Civil Ceremony

Those that are getting married in Australia that wish to have a civil ceremony will have it performed by a marriage celebrant. This is a choice that can be made as an alternative to having a church wedding or one done in a registry office.

  • Religious Ceremony

These are considered to be the traditional type of wedding ceremonies. They are legally binding and are conducted through a religious official who is legally allowed to perform this type of service. At one time, this particular ceremony was only held in a religious setting. In today’s world, many of the religious officials are willing to hold the taking of the vows in other locations such as parks and beaches or venues according to the choice of the wedding couple.

The choice really comes down to the couple and as to what suits them best. Quite often, the decision is based on finances as wedding ceremonies tend to get expensive when they are large events.