There are many that have taken their wedding vows seriously and have enjoyed a relationship together since their marriage. For some of these individuals, they want to have a celebration of various milestones that they may have met during their marriage—for example, an anniversary. To do this, they may decide to have a vow renewal ceremony.

What is a Vow Renewal Ceremony?

During this ceremony, the couple will exchange vows that they have prepared for reading to their partner. Often they are comprised of collections of essential aspects of their relationship. There may be words of gratitude and outlines of accomplishments that they have enjoyed together. In some cases, the couple will repeat the original vows that were spoken at their wedding.


One of the significant differences between the renewal of vows and a wedding ceremony is the flexibility of the event itself. It is not considered to be a legal event, so, therefore, there can be different ways that the vow ceremony can be conducted. It can be as formal or informal as what the couple desires. Most couples do want an officiant to conduct the renewal of the vow taking itself. This does make it a little more formal, and for the couple, this may be important.

The Attire

For some couples, this event is as important as what their wedding ceremony was. In this case, they want it to be more formal, which includes the attire they are going to wear. The ladies may choose to wear a white dress, but not one that is similar to a wedding dress.


Some make this a big event by having parties leading up to it. Such as having ones that mimic a bachelor or bachelorette party. Again there are no rules when it comes to the vow renewal event.