When a child is born, there are several different ways to celebrate this fantastic event. Some individuals want to have a christening as an official ceremony. Others have chosen to go with a naming ceremony. Or as some call it a naming day.

An Alternative To Baptism

Quite often, parents have differences of opinion when it comes to christenings or baptisms. Usually where they can find common ground is to go with the ceremony of the church blessings or thanksgivings. This means that there is no standard commitment being made like that which is made with a baptism. There are a lot of officials that are quite content to perform the naming ceremony.

Organizing The Ceremony

Being as this is not a formal ceremony, there is a lot of leeway as to how it can be organized. Different events can take place during the ceremony where the guests are involved. Some parents have held these where butterflies are released or where everyone signs a particular book of good wishes for the youngster. There are options for making it a fun event or more of a quiet and spiritual one.


It is common for a group of family and friends to get together for this event, and the organizer or the parents who are holding it will send out invitations to those that they wish to have attended.


The location will depend on the size of the event. If it is going to be a small gathering, it is often held in the home of the parents. For larger ones, they may want to arrange for an event or banquet hall. It can be held either during the day or evening, and refreshments that will be offered can vary and be applicable to the timing of the event itself.