Every country has its traditions, and one that is very popular in a lot of countries, especially Australia, is a naming ceremony.

What Is This?

This is a type of ceremony that revolves around the naming of a child. Or it can be held as a way of blessing the child and their family. There is no formality to it when it comes to having specific licenses or officials to see to the naming. It falls into the category of being a tradition.

The Purpose

The purpose is being an acknowledgement of new birth, and for the family, it can be a time for commitment and promises to be made to the youngster to guide them throughout their life.


Most often, when planning this event, it will be based on a theme. For example, a theme could revolve around blessings or thankfulness. During the naming process, there is a reading that is conducted, and the reading will be based on the theme.


There is no rule as to how many readings there can be, and often the organizers of this will choose different family members and friends to perform these. Quite often it is overseen by a celebrant if the parents decide on this. One of the reasons that a celebrant will be chosen is because of the experience that they have with this type of event. At the same time, some celebrants often provide certificates which are nice to have to memorialize the naming ceremony.

Not Just For Babies

While the event is most common for new babies come into the world, it can also be held on the child’s first birthday although a child of any age can have a naming ceremony held for them. Some families will hold one naming ceremony for the number of children that they have at one ceremony.