Some of the most common types of ceremonies are wedding, vow renewal, commitment and naming ceremonies. This site is dedicated to these and is full of new and helpful information. Some of the highlights of what you will find here are:

Wedding Events

There is some basic information here that focuses on the different types of wedding ceremonies and what some of the options are for these types of events.

Naming Events

Naming ceremonies have become popular. For those who are interested in holding one of these ceremonies, the posts that have been created here will give some useful tips on how to organize these.

Renewing Vows

For couples that have been married for a good time, they often feel it is essential to renew their vows. They do this by holding a renewal ceremony. There is some interesting information here that explains the concept of this. There is also a great post full of ideas of what couples can do following their ceremony being as they are not likely to be going on a honeymoon.

Commitment Ceremonies

This is a type of ceremony that has been growing in popularity. For many, it’s the next best thing to getting married. There are different reasons as to why a couple would want to have this type of ceremony. The post here explains this in more detail.

Helpful Hints

No matter which type of ceremony is being organized, somebody has to take on the responsibility for doing this. It can be stressful, but there are some great tips to help with stress reduction.